Future Goal Calculator

Future Goal Calculator is a free online tool to calculate the estimated amount required in future for the current value of your financial goal.


What is Future Value Calculator?

Inflation is changing every year and it will impact our financial goals in the future. The value of everything is growing according to inflation and more also. This Future Value Calculator is a free online tool that will let you know the approximate value of your financial goal in the future which is costing a certain amount today and growing at a given inflation rate.

How does Future Value Calculator work?

The Future Value Calculator will calculate the approximate value of the current cost of a goal in the future with a given inflation rate for certain years of time.
For example, if you want to buy a car after 5 years which presently costs 100000, and assuming the inflation rate is 6% per annum, then the amount you need to buy the Car after 5 years would be 133823.

How does Future Value Calculator help?

This tool will help you to calculate the money you need to achieve your financial goals like your child’s education, child marriage, buying a car, or buying a home, etc in the future. Also, you can use this tool to check the future value of money.

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